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Artists / Jazz Bands

Silk Street 1920's Lucky Four

RECOMMENDED Prices from £449+

WATCH VIDEO! The Lucky Four are well suited to the more intimate event as either background music, setting the perfect atmosphere, or as a feature, where audiences will be entranced by the constant interplay and imagination of the musicians. Being completely acoustic the Lucky Four are very flexible. Always impeccably dressed in suits or evening dress, they make the perfect ensemble for scene setting at the house or garden party, wedding or corporate function.

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Silk Street Dance Orchestra

FEATURED ARTIST Prices from £1999+

If you are looking for an irresistible dance band to add that sense of style to any party or ball, then the Silk Street Dance Orchestra is the ideal musical entertainment for dancing and scene setting (in the style of Jeeves and Wooster & Poirot). Performing original arrangements from the classic dance repertoire of the roaring 20s and creating an authentic sound with all the verve and enthusiasm of the jazz age.

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Silk Street Gypsy Jazz

NEW 'ARTIST' Prices from £429+

Bringing the sound of 1930's Paris to your event, the Gypsy Jazz band perform suave cafe music, light jazz and hot swing, providing an elegance and a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.

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Silk Street Jazz (7-Piece)

FEATURED ARTIST Prices from £399+

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Silk Street Saxophone Quartet

NEW ARTIST Prices from £699+

The Silk Street Saxophone Quartet is a compact sax section in one! Specialising in the swinging jazz sounds of the big band era. The groups refreshing sounds are ideal for the client who wants to create a lighter but stylish atmosphere. With a repertoire ranging from cool bossa novas to the Beatles, and the pink panther to popular hits, this ensemble adds pure sophistication to any event.

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Silk Street Stars

Prices from £349+

WATCH VIDEO The Silk Street Stars is a hot, driving, 7-piece band with a style that commands the attention of audiences of all ages. This young, energetic group is the perfect choice for your lively entertainment.

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Silk Street Strutters

NEW ARTIST Prices from £349+

Formed in 2002, the Silk Street Strutters is a clarinet led, flexible jazz outfit that creates an excellent background ambience for any reception or celebration. Performing a mix of traditional foot tapping jazz and light jazz standards, this band is compact, colourful and is ideal for entertaining guests both on arrival or throughout dinner.

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Silk Street Swing (2-Piece)

FEATURED ARTIST Prices from £449+

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Silk Street Swing (3-Piece)

RECOMMENDED Prices from £599+

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Silk Street Swing (4-Piece)

RECOMMENDED Prices from £799+

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Silk Street Swing (5-Piece)

FEATURED ARTIST Prices from £899+

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